August 20, 2019

Steel City Dad

Photo: Steel City Dad
Photo: Steel City Dad

Steel City Mom is proud to introduce you to Steel City Dad. Steel City Dad is a place for all things DAD.  If you are a dad, granddad, stepdad or just a male who is a father figure this is the place for you. Each week we will feature a article from a Pittsburgh Dad. If you would like to submit an article please email me at Buckle your seatbelts!



Brad Hemmings 

After a frustrating struggle with infertility, my wife and I were fortunate enough to finally became parents. It was then I decided to start a blog to document the progress of our son, since I didn’t want to miss a thing. (This “About Me” section has devolved into Aerosmith song lyrics.)

Feel free to email me at!

Cliff Hess
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Is a father of three and grandfather of 2. Conservative libertarian and all around nice guy, most of the time.

Tim Schwartz  – To follow Tim’s Posts click here!

Is always pursuing the next challenge in life. Anything from writing the next short story to trying to keep up with a 6 year old’s attention span. He has also been the Organizer and Moderator of the Pittsburgh Writers Meetup Group for the past four years.


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