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It is a pleasure to introduce you to our 1st Male Yinzer……. Dan Haas
Dan is a 34 year old born and raised Yinzer. He currently lives in Brighton Heights. He is a busy guy with lots of drive.
What makes him so special you ask? Well, buckle your seat belts!
He is a Physical Therapist at Hess Physical Therapy in Kennedy Township. He also is a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Certified HypnoBirthing Infant Massage Instructor, Certified Mother Massage Practitioner, Active Release Techniques (ART) Full Body Certified, Certified Integrative Reflexologist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP).
WHEW! I am tired just typing all that. He is also kind and a very nice guy.
Here is how he got started from his own words:
“I got into prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage through a nurse at CCAC who was tutoring me while I was studying for my Physical Therapist Assistant boards. At the time, I was also a student in the Massage Therapy program at the school. After asking her about any certifications in massage I should look into, she smiled and said “Dan, I know you are a guy but I want you to look into prenatal massage because it is “an up and coming thing.” I listened to her and I’m glad I did! I took a training course at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in pregnancy massage through Anne Henson and learned so much in one weekend. I will always remember my first pregnancy massage. I was working on my friend’s wife Kelly who was 6 months pregnant and had constant low back pain. After I completed the massage on her, I helped her off the table and I will never forget the look on her face. She had a huge smile and I will always remember what she said immediately “Dan, my back feels so good, I don’t even fell like I’m pregnant!”
After that, I felt that this could be a good service to provide expectant mothers. Since then, I’ve expanded my training in the area of pregnancy massage, prenatal development, childbirth education, and infant massage. In 2014, I have become certified as a HypnoBirthing practitioner where I teach expectant couples how to experience an easier, calmer birth through relaxation, self-hypnosis, and visualization techniques. I teach this through 5 – 2 and a half hour classes. HypnoBirthing teaches expectant mothers that their bodies are designed to birth a baby and the element of fear doesn’t have to be apart of any event that is supposed to be the happiest time of their lives!

I have also expanded my training in pregnancy massage and have become a Certified Mother Massage Practitioner. What this means is that I am trained to provide pregnancy massage services to pregnant clients that fit their needs throughout their entire pregnancy and postpartum.”


Told ya he is awesome! He is so great that he is offering FREE prenatal massages.
Contact him asap. I have a feeling that his schedule will be filling up soon.
Cell- 412-877-6841
Home- 412-761-4888.
If you enjoy his work and are interested in continuing free pregnancy massage for the rest of your pregnancy, please let him know!
So as you can see Dan is a wonderful example of a Yinzer. He has drive, a JOB, and is cute to boot.
Please tell your friends about him.
Happy Friday!

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