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So …. the last few day have sucked big time. The night before last, our lights went out around 6:15ish, right in the middle of cooking dinner. Luckily I have a ton of candles so we were able to get through it with at least some light. Candle light is not as bright as I am used to. Strike 1!

Having no power sucks when you are a family that is addicted to electronics. It also sucks because no power means no HEAT. It was one of the coldest nights in Pittsburgh thus far. Bring on the extra clothes and blankets. Strike 2!

I don’t know about you but I can’t sleep if I don’t get a shower before I go to bed. My face and hair were greasy and my feet stunk. Not pleasant at all. But since the house temperature is dropping like the titanic I am going to layer up and snuggle in bed. As I am almost asleep I hear the heat kick on. Wahoo we have power again. Screw it I am comfortable, Good Night! Strike 3!

Needless to say I did not sleep at all. I felt icky and blah. Also, my head was extremely itchy. Like something was crawling in there itchy. Seriously! WTF! The alarm goes off at 6:15am, I get up and rush into the bathroom.  I get a text from a coworker it reads, “PPS has a 2 hour delay”. Sweet! I am going to get a shower and get stuff done before I get the kid up.  But, my damn head is itchy again. I grab a comb and start looking. Low and behold I pull a little bug out of my hair. LICE! That’s what I get for putting my son in preschool. Guess that little speck I found on my son yesterday was a bug after all. Immediately, I begin to fall into the “guilt phase”. Am I a bad mom? How could I let this happen? What will people think? I am a clean person I swear…… SHIT!!! Strike 4!

UGH now I have to call my boss and coworkers to let them know I won’t be in. Well, I might as well get a shower since the stores are not open yet. After the shower, I get dressed, go downstairs reach for the coffee and I hear…. “Mommy can you come up?” CRAP!!! There goes my dream of a few minutes to myself. Strike 5!

After wrangling with the kid for 20 minutes he is dressed and ready for the day. For 2 blissful hours we argue about what’s for breakfast. Force feed him medicine, clean up spilled milk, compromise on how much he must eat, and cry because we can not go to school today. Strike 6!

Around 9 the hubby comes alive to join us downstairs. I rush upstairs to grab all the bedding to stuff it in garbage bags. I kiss them both and rush to the laundry mat to wash everything. By the way why do we have 8 pillows, 3 blankets, and 5 build a bears on our bed? Anyone? Strike 7!

Freedom! I am free. Damn is it cold outside, the truck says 4 degrees. It’s ok I will get feeling in my hands later. Luckily there is a laundry mat up the street from me. The sun is shining, I can do this. I proceed to get the 3 huge garbage bags into the laundry mat, loaded into the washers, put in the $6.50 (good lord that’s a lot of money, when did the price go up?) and…… where is the soap? Did I bring detergent? NOPE! UGH! Strike 8!

Little help God…… Vending machine on the wall says $1 each for a box of detergent. Whatever! I don’t care. Everything is loaded, running and on its way. Guess I should head over across the street to rite aid since I didn’t get those prescriptions the other day and I need a treatment for my head. After 20 minutes and $71.59 spent, I head back to the laundry mat. Still have 8 minutes before they are done.  I wonder what facebook is doing? Wouldn’t know, as my phone shuts off because the battery is dead. Guess who left the wire at home? Strike 9!

That’s it!! I have had it, time to put my head down in disgust and cry. Just as I get one tear out of my eye something happens. Kind of like an Aha moment.

A little voice deep within me says, “Stop it! You are more blessed then so many. Quit the pity party and pull yourself together woman”.

Now I must say, I have never been a fan of those people who say “God only gives you what you can handle”. It used to piss me off. I didn’t want to hear that, I am in a crisis with no time for cute catch phrases. Well, I am here today to say I finally get it. There are so many people that are suffering.

It was time for me to take an inventory. You have a full tank of gas, nice truck, husband that loves you, a son that adores you, roof over your head, food in my belly, good paying job, sick days, medical insurance, etc. Yes this sucks big time, but it is an inconvenience not a tragedy.  There are parents who have to bury their children today, or people who are hungry and cold. Wake up and see your blessings!

My pastor said something on Sunday that hit me hard. “Christianity is not about one day excepting God, getting baptized, and then getting my ticket into heaven. It’s about allowing God to put a piece of heaven into your heart now while you are on earth. The kingdom of God is NOW.” We are living it now. So why not enjoy and appreciate it? No matter what religion you are, I am sure you can see, that looking on the bright side is much better then the alternative. Why do we have to find the bad instead of the good all the time?

So today friends I am calling on you to find the good. To look on the bright side. Instead of complaining about your life, do something to change it. It could be by just smiling at the person next to you. That smile can be infectious. Maybe they too are having a bad day and need to know they are not alone. Stop being so hard on yourself, life happens. You are not the first and will not be the last to experience this.

The rest of my day was different with more laughter and smiles all around. I appreciated all that I have. Believe it or not I am a very lucky girl. All the laundry got washed, dishes were done and my hair is now bug free. Just have to retreat in 7-10 days and we are golden. No biggie. Nobody got hurt and this is what personal days or sick days are for right? I got to spend a day at home with my family. What more can I ask for?

Hope you have a blessed day.

Remember…… The Kingdom of God is NOW!!! Enjoy it while you can.

– Carol

2 thoughts on “How getting lice helped me see the bigger picture

  1. Carol,
    Thank you for putting a bright spot in my life today. It has been a terrible day today at work. My husbands siblings and their spouses are not forgiving to me because of something I said about one of the sons and his spouse. Of course my husband and children agreed with me, but because I said something I will forever be on the shit list, and the family will never be the same…
    My daughter found out I was smoking, she had thought I had not smoked from years ago. I know I need to stop. I have a foot that will not heal because of a diabetic condition known as Charcot. I feel like I can not do anything right, in every aspect of my life. I spoke with my husband and he sat for a minute and said, he does not know what to do and walked away.
    But, you have been put in my view and I have read your words and it has made me feel a bit better, so I thank you!

    1. Cathy,

      I am sorry you are dealing with so much. I will pray for peace and understanding. You will get through this, just take baby steps and do one thing at a time. Take care of yourself! ❤️

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