Smoking… It’s not a disease. It’s a crutch

With the latest tobacco tax, the brand of cigarettes I prefer went up to twenty cents shy of a ten spot. Enraged by this gouging, I chose to go back to Roll Your Own cigarettes, or RYO’s for short. Now… Continue Reading


My two cents on the gun debate

One of our Steel City Dads, Tim has a few things to say on the subject of gun control. He welcomes all comments. Well all those who are not Jagoffs….. Assault weapons. Rifles. Shotguns. Handguns. Pistols. Revolvers. Guns. These nomenclatures… Continue Reading


A Steel City Dad – 10 Steel City Values That I Plan to Instill in My Son

10 Steel City Values That I Plan to Instill in My Son  By: A Steel City Dad (read more at www.babywatchblog.com) I’m a Pittsburgher, born and raised. With the exception of a few college-aged years, I’ve lived here my whole… Continue Reading


Review: Blue Man Group #sponsored

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Although I received some form of compensation and this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. “The Blue Man Group” originally came out when my kids, were kids. We never could afford tickets… Continue Reading