August 19, 2019

Conversations with God

It’s 6am.  The coffee is brewed and the house is silent. The words fly onto the page with a fury that barely makes sense.  For me, this is prayer.  My best conversations with God have always involved a pen and a notebook.  Over the years, these notebooks have captured the stories of my life: lost […]

The Need to Eat an Airplane

What? That’s Impossible! Exactly. The desire to do the impossible burns within each of us. Over last summer, I had the pleasure of reading a fictional story of a man who proved his unrequited love to his high school sweetheart by eating an airplane that had crashed in his cornfield.  Laughed at, negated, and maligned, […]

Beyond Social Media, Validating the Self

In a world full of likes, instant postings, and selfies, it has become ever challenging to identify the true self.  Personal talents and skills are lost because there is a constant need for others to determine our true worth.  Material worth is accumulated; judgments are passed;  and boundary lines are constantly drawn to identify a […]

Spicing Up the Season

Flavoring the season is age old wisdom, designed to ease digestion, promote health, and spread love.  Spices form holiday memories centered on the candy cane, gingerbread man, and seasoned entrees.  Perfectly blended, the memories are timeless. Beyond taste, these kitchen standards add a healthy zest.  The following was found in several herbal research books and […]

Epilepsy Awareness

  November is Epilepsy Awareness month. When it personally affected my family, it turned my world upside down, rearranged priorities, and established the fragility between life and death. A condition without a specific cause or cure, it affects over 50 million people worldwide. One in 26 Americans will be diagnosed. Treatment is primarily with medications. […]

Stress- Free Car Buying Tips

Welcome to our newest contributor Michele Dubel. Once a month she will be sharing some great advice and tips to help you live a stress free life. Check her out….. Years ago when I first purchased my first car, a salesman was quick to approach me and ask what my favorite color was. I promptly […]