August 20, 2019

Promote A Yinzer Series…… Shawnnelle Hazard

“Promote A Yinzer”     #2 Shawnnelle Hazard Wife & Mother of 3 girls Consultant for Jamberry Nails Who is Shawnnelle:  Shawnnelle is a born and raised Yinzer and a typical mom who loves her 3 little princesses. There’s a constant battle for pretty nails in her house. She has spent too many hours of her life prepping […]

I hate Dishes!! Part 2

Some of you may know I started blogging last year 4/29/13 to be exact. I used to use Blogger but found it to be too limited so after some soul searching and praying I decided to get my own web space. While going back over some of my old posts I found this gem. It […]

Giant Eagle SCORE 8/7/14 – 8/13/14

There are some great deals at Giant Eagle this week. Here are some of the gems that I found…. #matchup   Buy 3 Trix and 2 Multi Grain Cheerios  = $8 (B4G1) Use: (2) $.085 off ONE BOX Trix Cereal (subtracts $3.40)Use: (1) $0.75 off ONE BOX Trix cereal (subtracts $1.50) Use: (2) $0.75 off one box Multi Grain Cheerios […]

Resources Page Is Up and Running….

We all have been down on our luck. This page is dedicated to getting the help you might need. ♦  Food Banks in the Greater Pittsburgh Area: Please call ahead of time in case they have changed their     times/days. Check out these site also for more information. ♦  Government Assistance: You […]

Promote A Yinzer Series ……. First Yinzer

“Promote A Yinzer”   #1 Josie Crame                                    Wife & Mother of 3 Independent Distributor for It Works Global Who is Josie:  Josie is a wonderful person and a hard worker. A Yinzer from birth she has been married for 10 years and has 3 gorgeous daughters. Her days are filled with playdates, laughter, […]

Promote A Yinzer

Pittsburgh has a lot of hard working parents that are either in direct sales, own a business, or are freelancers that are working their asses off to provide for their family. Here at Steel City Mom we are delighted to highlight some of those parents in our new series called “Promote A Yinzer”. Every other […]

Terrible twos…… God Help Me!

Anyone that has a child knows about the “terrible twos”. If you don’t have a kid let me break it down for you. 1. EVERYTHING is a power struggle. 2. You are ALWAYS wrong. That pretty much sums up your day, EVERY DAMN DAY! Everything from trying to leave the house, picking up toys, putting […]

Excuse me, but can you please get your conversation out of the potty!

  Potty training is the “Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread” apparently. Everyone wants to talk about it. For some reason it is everyone’s business to know what is going on in my sons pants. From the day he was born almost 3 years ago EVERYBODY asks about his bodily functions. The questions go like this….. […]