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Josie Crame                                   
Wife & Mother of 3
Independent Distributor for It Works Global

Who is Josie:  Josie is a wonderful person and a hard worker. A Yinzer from birth she has been married for 10 years and has 3 gorgeous daughters. Her days are filled with playdates, laughter, smiles and talking about her business. She joined It Works Global in April 2013 so she could stay home with her girls. Josie loves to talk about health and wellness and helping other parents to stay home too.

Company information : It Works Global is a health and wellness company that all started because a husband and wife’s passion to offer families like yours the opportunity to dream big, to begin living life in your own terms—because they too had those dreams once themselves. They have something for everyone by offering wraps, vitamins, facial and skin care.

How it works: You contact Josie and she will discuss what you need. She can wrap you or give advice about what products would benefit you. That’s all! Easy Peasy!

Contact Her at …….

Website :


Phone: 412-600-2668

Josie is so awesome that if you contacts her in the month of August and mention Steel City Mom you can get wrapped for $20 which is normally $30! Great Deal!


About Carol A. Gerner

Hi there! My name is Carol. Nice to meet you! I am a Pittsburgh born, mom/wife, and die hard Patriots Fan that is happily married with two sons. Life is busy, crazy, exhausting and exciting depending on the day. But everyday is fulfilling. I truly believe I was born to be a dom.

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