What Time Is It…?

I am so sick of hearing that from my kids. Seriously. I know it sounds like a big joke that has been spun from old wives tales, but its true. Kids truly avoid trying to learn for themselves and go for the easiest (or what they think is the easiest) way to get their information.

Mom, what time is it…

Read the clock…

I don’t know how to read the clock…

Are you serious? You are 7 years old! Don’t they teach you this in school?

She looked at me dumbfounded like she had no idea what the face of a clock was. Are my kids this uneducated that they are bound by digital talking clocks?

Mom, what time is it…

Read the clock…

The one on the microwave is 5 minutes fast…

Well then, if you know the clock is 5 minutes fast, then what time is it?

MOM!! Just tell me what time it is!!

Is this for real? Do my kids take me for a fool? Do they really not know how to do math, or is this a dire attempt to be as virtually (and literally) lazy as possible?

Mom, what time is it…

Time to get a watch!

Ok, get me one.

Shit… that backfired. Now I have to buy my kids watches. What the hell for? There is a clock on the wall, on the microwave, on the cable box, on every phone and handset in the house, on every computer desktop… why the hell do they need watches?

So, they will stop asking…

Mom, what time is it?

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